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Jun 12, 2018. tourism sustainability in the literature is, essentially, due to the. Due to the relevance of bibliometric analysis for literature in general,

The flow literature has been fragmented, operationalized, tested, and applied in numerous ways across various domains. In this paper, we used bibliometric.

2 days ago. PDF | In this paper we explain how to carry out a literature review using Bibliometrics. We use as example the literature review about user.

literature is called bibliometric analysis. Therefore, this study was carried out to give a bibliometric overview of literature on TEN and SJS. Bibliometric analysis is not intended to be a review article of scientific information on TEN and SJS, rather an analysis of published literature in terms of annual growth, productivity of various countries,

We used CiteSpace IV and Excel 2016 to analyse literature information. In the present study, only original and review papers were included. Raw data from WoSCC were initially downloaded and.

This paper presents the evolution in notions from bibliometrics to altmetrics, and reveals that both bibliometrics and altmetrics remain weak indicators as fraught.

The objective of this paper is to depict a landscape of the scientific literature on the concept of the ‘Smart Factory’, which in recent years is gaining more and more attention from academics and practitioners because of significant innovations in the production systems within the manufacturing sector. To achieve this objective, a dynamic methodology called ‘Systematic Literature.

This paper adopts a systematic literature review methodology combined with bibliometric, network and content analysis based on 348 papers identified from.

Jan 25, 2017. Bibliometrics as a Tool for Literature Review. Literature review can be a tedious process. With so many articles to read, new researchers in a.

Feb 15, 2019. Our review results revealed that majority of the articles were focused on. a large bibliometric review of the literature and describe the current.

ducted: a bibliometric analysis and a systematic literature review. Both substudies focused on research themes related to personal financial behavior in digital contexts, albeit with somewhat different approaches, to provide as a comprehen – sive and accurate description. The details of the two meth-ods are described in the following text.

Peer review and bibliometric in the Italian research assessment exercise. A result more coherent with previous literature and with evidence provided for the REF by the correlation analysis.

Study Design. Bibliometric review of the literature. Objective. To analyze and quantify the most frequently cited papers in lumbar spine surgery and to measure their impact on the entire lumbar spine.

Aug 28, 2017. Using computer analysis for bibliometric techniques, the results of the present study demonstrate that the journal literature on women's studies.

Oct 25, 2018  · Web of Science, with bibliometric analysis and visual analysis software HistCite and Excel software, was used to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the information retrieval and mining data from published years, source journals, research direction, authors, institutions, countries, and regions. 3.1 Literature review of global ostomy research.

This study explores a bibliometric approach to quantitatively review carbon cycling research and statistically. Growth and trends of fullerene research as reflected in its journal literature. Chem.

This article reviews the research on adaptivity in both, technological and. a bibliometric review of the available academic literature related to the subject.

Feb 15, 2019. This systematic review used “science mapping” as a means of understanding. on Educational Administration: Science Mapping the Literature, 1960 to 2018. Article Information, PDF download for A Bibliometric Review of.

We used CiteSpace IV and Excel 2016 to analyze literature information. Refined by DOCUMENT TYPES: (Article OR Review) Timespan: 2008–2018. Indexes: SCI-EXPANDED”. Review and original research were.

Bibliometrics and scientometrics had been applied to many scientific fields including mobile technology and telecommunication [19–23]. However, up until this date, no bibliometric analysis of scientific literature in m-Health had been carried out and published.

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Bibliometrics is the use of statistical methods to analyse books, articles, and other publications. Bibliometric methods are frequently used in the field of library and information science. The sub-field of bibliometrics which concerns itself with the analysis of. Literature and Bibliometrics London: Clive Bingley: 1978. (12-28).

We review previous literature on how metrics compare to peer review in. As an exception to the rule, the 1989 exercise was never used in any bibliometric study that compared the peer review results.

review of the literature, further expanded during the analysis of their contents by including the references that appeared more frequently in the citations, in particular, books and documents of international institutions,notincludedintheWoSdatabase.

Definition of Bibliometric Analysis: Is the attempt to quantitatively assess the. A quantitative analysis of academic literature based on metrics such as citations.

Here, we review scientific and popular permaculture literature. A systematic review discusses quantitative bibliometric data, including keyword analysis. A qualitative review identifies and assesses.

In summary, the review of published literature that cites a use of GAP data yields several conclusions. First, GAP data are being used by a wide variety of researchers. Second, the comments made in the text of the publications regarding GAP data included favorable comments as well as specific critiques.

A bibliometric review of close to 36,000 citations allowed us to uncover. Stephen Grant (1991), “An Analysis of Leading Contributors to the Sales Force Research Literature, 1980 Through 1990,”.

Our review documents most influential articles, authors, and journals in this area. The bibliometric analysis highlights the multi-disciplinary nature of research on boards of directors, covering the fields of finance and economics, accounting and auditing, and management and strategy.

Review of the 91-page report by three experts contacted by. We asked network analysis expert Kathleen Carley of Carnegie Mellon to take a look at whether the CSDA study, a “bibliometric” critique.

Bibliometric analysis of the international literature on open innovation and absorptive capacity. Elies Seguí-Mas, Elisa Signes-Pérez, Faustino Sarrión- Viñes,

A bibliometric review on innovation systems and ecosystems: a research agenda Author(s): Arho Suominen , (Innovations, Policy and Economy, VTT Technical Research Centre of.

Apr 5, 2019. Bibliometrics. Bibliometric research is defined by the OECD Glossary of Statistical Terms as:. The Literature Review: A Research Journey.

Jun 25, 2018. To track research output, we conducted a bibliometric analysis of TB research. 2007 to 2016, through an assessment of the medical literature.

A basic bibliometric analysis of the production of scientific literature in nursing informatics competence. to 2013 and consisted of 366 information sources (252 articles, 53 review papers, 42.

Therefore, the aim of this study was to assess peer-reviewed literature in transgender health and present the results in bibliometric tables and maps. Research in transgender health is an essential component in recognition of this community and its health needs and health rights.

Bibliometric study. Rev Esp Med Nucl 2007;26:345. Methodologic quality of systematic reviews published in the plastic and reconstructive surgery literature: a systematic review. Plast Reconstr Surg.

A basic bibliometric analysis of the production of scientific literature in nursing informatics competence. to 2013 and consisted of 366 information sources (252 articles, 53 review papers, 42.

217-227. Bibliometric analysis of literature on knowledge sharing. P.M. Naushad Alia, Basharat Ahmad Malikb and Ali Razac. aProfessor, Department of Library.

The Institutional Review Board (IRB. of an IRB application for a bibliometric study. The IRB confirmed that there is no risk to human subjects in this type of research since the data are based on.

We then use bibliometric analyses to describe each subdiscipline. conclusions from a critical review of the literature. Health Serv Res 42(1p1):329–346.

This bibliometric review of research analyzed 1459 Scopus-indexed documents related to higher education for sustainable development. The goals of the review were to document the volume, growth trajectory, and geographic distribution of the HESD literature, identify key authors, journals, and publications, analyze the intellectual structure of this knowledge base, and highlight emerging.

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Therefore, the aim of this study was to present bibliometric indicators of published literature in global migration health. was not required based on guidance from the institutional review board of.

Aside from rhetoric, this bibliometric review demonstrates that there are few empiric publications in the area of pharmacy education in low- and middle-income countries. There is a need for a robust research agenda in order to address both gaps in the research literature; alongside the implications of the findings for educational policy and.

Jun 01, 2018  · The purpose of this review is to present a brief overview of literature published through 2016 on the Burrowing Owl (BUOW; Athene cunicularia) as an example of how the science of bibliometrics allows us to examine the literature on this species and to determine and display important trends, including gaps in that literature.

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Bibliometrics, Citation Analysis and Co-Citation Analysis: A Review of Literature I. FARIDEH OSAREH. Published Online: 2009-10-19 | DOI:.

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therefore is to review blue, green, and grey water quantification approaches from recent years. First, blue, green, and grey water literature is identified through a database search. This is followed by a bibliometric analysis and structured review of water quantification approaches that have been applied in recent studies. The article ends by

In summary, the review of published literature that cites a use of GAP data yields several conclusions. First, GAP data are being used by a wide variety of researchers. Second, the comments made in the text of the publications regarding GAP data included favorable comments as well as specific critiques.

A bibliometric review of the literature. Objective. The current study aimed to identify the 100 most cited articles on back pain and determine their characteristics. Summary of Background Data.