Bruno Latour, The Post-truth Philosopher

At the end of the 18th century, at the dawn of the modern era, Immanuel Kant, the “all-crushing” philosopher of reason. of the event takes on a different hue when, as Bruno Latour commented, the.

The Nam June Paik Art Center Prize, an international yearly award, announces its 2010 solo-recipient, Bruno Latour. To respect Nam June Paik’s philosophy and creativity, the international jury and Nam.

the sociologist of science Bruno Latour worried that the relativism and social constructionism. though evoking a somewhat different tradition, that of the pragmatist philosopher Richard Rorty and.

Malm’s poster child for this way of thinking—in fact, his primary nemesis throughout the book—is French sociologist and philosopher Bruno Latour. As of 2007, we are told, Latour was the tenth most.

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La Colonie has an open-ended, inclusive grounding philosophy, but hopes to focus on the stories. From November 16-19, researchers and thinkers like Bruno Latour, Martha Rosler, Payam Sharifi,

In geographer Tyler Priest’s essay "Frackenstein’s Monster," he quotes French philosopher Bruno Latour, who compared Dr. Frankenstein’s creation with the "monster" of fracking: "We confuse the monster.

Unfortunately, as philosopher Lee McIntyre suggests in a new book. In the 1980s, figures such as Bruno Latour began questioning whether science has any authentic claim to establishing truth, or.

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Shortly after settling into the theater, Bruno Latour, a French sociologist and science philosopher, shared his perspective on the ideal outcomes of the Make it Work student simulation for the.

It continues Thursday with a keynote speech from Bruno Latour, a philosopher and anthropologist from Paris. “He’s one of the top 10 most cited academics in the world,” said Boschman, noting he talks.

Sociologist Bruno Latour’s book, The Pasteurization of France, is really two books in one—the first more or less historical, the second purely philosophical. In the first section, called “War and.

6:30-7:30 PM at SVA Lecture Hall at 133 w. 21st Street. Free and open to the public. French philosopher, anthropologist, and sociologist Bruno Latour presents a theatrical experiment inspired by a.

From social constructivist Bruno Latour, philosopher Manuel De Landa, abstract impressionism, surrealism, tableau and procedural poetry to Ableton Live 9’s audio to MIDI conversion, text to speech.

Under the heading “Love your monsters,” it is also supported by the French philosopher Bruno Latour. A group of social researchers from Arizona State University, led by David Guston, concurs: “The.

VICE: Accelerationism confuses me. but "actants"—as the French sociologist Bruno Latour calls them—in their own right. They have their own tendencies, desires, and needs. That’s especially.

The French philosopher Bruno Latour has recently published a book called Down to Earth: Politics in the new Climatic Regime. He articulates links between truth-telling, fake news, climate change. The Last Lecture He has the best-selling advice book in the country, "The Last Lecture," detailing his philosophy of life as he copes with pancreatic cancer. He has appeared on Oprah and has been quoted in The New. Confronted with incurable cancer, he devised a last lecture that became an Internet sensation. Dr. Pausch’s message and story landed

And it is such a moment I want to share with you now. The philosopher of science Bruno Latour recently published 8 conferences in a book titled Facing Gaïa. Two of the peculiar moments in science.

The philosopher and sociologist Bruno Latour will present a series of workshops entitled “Reset Modernity! Shanghai Perspective” in which he leads audiences in discussions on how to reframe our use of.

“Science” originates from the Latin scio (I know) claiming very different values than the older name of “natural philosophy” with Greek connotations. criticised by French anthropologist Bruno.